12 sets of twins in Missouri NICU

KANSAS CITY (KMBC via CNN Wire) — A Missouri hospital is on overdrive after a dozen twins were born around the same time.

All the precious little ones arrived ahead of their due dates, and the staff at a Kansas City hospital is working to keep up.

“They already have their little personalities and she’s a little bit feistier, and Isaac, he was the poor little guy squished underneath her,” said first-time mom Amanda Tollifer.

She’s still amazed holding her newborn twins, Cara and Isaac. They were born eight weeks early. Tollifer’s adjusting to life in the NICU at St. Luke’s Hospital and was surprised to learn she has a lot of company there.

“I had no idea that having twins right now was such the in thing,” she said.

It certainly appears to be. Twelve sets of twins are in the NICU at St. Luke’s, a record for the hospital.

“We always see multiples in here, but not twelve sacks at one time,” said Danielle Gathers, NICU nurse.

The hospital said staffing has been a challenge. All the twins were born between five and 14 weeks early. Some will be in the hospital much longer than others, and it can be stressful for families.

“I like that they have each other to kind of bounce off of. We don’t always have multiple sets of multiple. So these moms have each other,” Gathers said.

The history-making babies will spend Thanksgiving at St. Luke’s.

“We’re hoping that they’ll be home by Christmas. Our ultimate goal,” Tollifer said.