$12K missing at Bremer County sheriff’s office

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A state audit has found over $12,000 in missing funds from the Bremer County sheriff’s office.

The audit was released Wednesday by State Auditor David Vaudt. The investigation was requested by state investigators on behalf of the sheriff’s office into alleged misappropriation of funds by former jail administrator Jeremy Eberhart. He was placed on administrative leave in March and fired in April.

The audit, which covered 2009 through March 2011, identified $12,507 of undeposited collections, which consisted of room and board fees for housing inmates. The audit says Eberhart was responsible for the overall operation of the jail, including limited financial and accounting aspects.

There is no telephone listing for Eberhart.

The case has been referred to the attorney general’s office. Spokesman Geoff Greenwood says the matter is under investigation.