2 who died in Wisconsin standoff suspected in burglary

Oshkosh authorities say the couple who robbed a liquor store and later shot themselves to death were also suspects in a home burglary earlier this week.

An Oshkosh Northwestern Media report says deputies planned to speak to the pair about the jewelry theft but hadn’t yet made contact.

Twenty-nine-year-old Randy T. Lamb and 28-year-old Ashley R. Luka died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head Wednesday during a standoff with deputies. Authorities say they’d stolen about $600 from a liquor store a few hours earlier, and eventually killed themselves in their vehicle.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Capt. David Mack says Lamb and Luka were also suspected of stealing jewelry from a town of Vinland home on Tuesday. But the two died before deputies could interview them about that.