2016 Football Preview: Cashton Eagles

The Cashton Eagles are looking to build on a 2015 season that could be labeled as a ‘brand new start’.

Jered Hemmersbach took over as the team’s head coach and brought in a bunch of former Cashton football players to work as assistants.

The team finished with a .500 record in the Scenic Bluffs Conference.

Now, the entire coaching staff returns for a second season, and all but four players return.

It’s a familiarity that brings high expectations for the Eagles in 2016.

“I think we can win conference this year. We’ve got a lot of people returning. Our whole offensive line is back so I think we should be alright on offense and defense, we work hard so we should be alright there too,” said senior linebacker Noah Flock.

Even with the limited time spent in camp thus far, Coach Hemmersbach thinks this year’s team is already ahead of where his team was last season.

“Going into our second year, we are much farther ahead than we were last year.  There’s definitely a better team feel that we have.  Great group of seniors that’s going to lead the way and we;’ll see what happens,” said Hemmersbach.