248 vases stolen from graves in an Indiana cemetery

A cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is missing 248 vases after they were stolen from the headstones of graves, according to police.

The vases taken from Greenlawn Memorial Park are valued at $124,000, Fort Wayne police spokeswoman Sofia Rosales-Scatena told CNN.

“Why would you do that? That’s, like morbid. It’s one of the lowest things I think you could possibly do is steal from a grave site,” Deb Gordon, whose mother’s vase was stolen, told CNN affiliate WLS.

The vases used for flowers atop the headstones were stolen sometime between December 6 and December 9, police said.

“It’s awful. We’re very saddened by it, and it’s terrible that someone would take something from a loved one’s grave,” a spokeswoman for the Greenlawn Memorial Park told CNN.

But this Indiana cemetery was not the only one facing the grisly thefts.

“At this point we do not have any suspects,” Rosales-Scatena told CNN. “We have gotten some information that our area may not have been the only one hit. but we are trying to confirm this.”

CNN affiliate WNDU reported that 205 bronze flower vases were removed from gravestones at Ever Rest Memorial Park along Logansport Road between November 26 and November 29. Cass County is located roughly 70 miles west of Fort Wayne.