3rd District Congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden kicks off 19 county tour in Sparta

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) — Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, Derrick Van Orden, kicked off a 19-county tour in Sparta Tuesday.

Van Orden spoke at the American Legion in Sparta about challenges veterans and their families face, particularly in regard to what Van Orden said was “red tape at the Veterans Administration”.

“I get all of my healthcare through the VA,” Van Orden said. “And I plan to be the only sitting Member of Congress if elected that will continue to get his healthcare through the VA system.”

Van Orden’s tour will head to 19 counties in the 3rd District. He faces Democratic challenger Brad Pfaff, who currently serves as the State Senator for the 32nd District.

Pfaff hosted a roundtable with veterans in Eau Claire the same day. Pfaff has gone on the offensive in a wave of attacks criticizing Van Orden for attending the rally in Washington D.C. that turned into a violent riot on January 6 last year. Van Orden maintains that he did not march to the capital and condemns the violence.