4 arrested in robbery, burglary connection

Eau Claire police arrested four men in connection to a robbery and burglary on Thursday, January 31.

Police were called to an apartment on the 3100 block of Eldorado Boulevard, where it was reported two men used a crowbar and homemade weapons to get in.

Police say Braden Drier, 19, was the ex-boyfriend of one of the apartment residents. He and his brother Chad Drier, 25, both of Eau Claire, threatened the people in the apartment and then stole an item and left, according to police.

Investigators later found that earlier that day Braden Drier’s home at 1021 Second Avenue had been burglarized by Mitchell Christenson, 22. He lived at the apartment on Eldorado Boulevard. Police say Braden Drier’s roommate Philip Mueller, 23, helped Christenson.

Braden Drier faces several charges, including armed robbery; false imprisonment, criminal damage to property, burglary-armed & dangerous weapon; disorderly conduct; knowingly violating restraining order; battery; and criminal trespass to dwelling. Chad Drier faces armed robbery and burglary-armed & dangerous weapon.

Christenson faces a burglary charge. Mueller faces a burglary charge and resisting/obstructing an officer.