5 things to do for Dad on Father’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days celebrated. Everyone is running around to pick up flowers or cards or preparing to take mom to dinner.

On Father’s Day, the scurrying of people in stores and restaurants is not the same.

For Mother’s Day, if you wait too late to get a card, you may get stuck with a card that doesn’t read anything like you.

On Father’s Day, you can go at 8 p.m. that evening and find the perfect card. Why is this? Fathers should be celebrated, too.

And if you are out of ideas, there are several ways that will not cost you a thing that will make the athletic, sentimental, comical, Christian, do-it-yourself or TV-watching dad feel good.

Because most dads love to watch TV, let’s start there.

No. 5: Bow to the King of Remotes

In many homes, the remote is in the hand of the male in the room or near him so that he can channel surf at will.

This may be a problem in some households because no one else gets to watch their favorite show on the family room’s TV. But if you don’t do anything else for your dad on Father’s Day, cut him some slack with the remote on his day.

Make a crown out of paper and write on it, “King Of The Remote” and then decorate the remote with a bow.

Dads who are avid sports fans and comfortable couch potatoes will love you for not complaining about the station or the remote.

This would be great for fathers who enjoy jokes. But if your father wouldn’t appreciate a few laughs over the remote, think about catering to him instead …

No. 4: Treat him to breakfast in bed

Most fathers will likely enjoy being served breakfast in bed, so fix his favorite breakfast and carry it to him on a tray.

Be sure to make the plate of food look nice. If pancakes are served, draw a happy face with syrup or whip cream. If a smiley face sounds too corny, draw a basketball or football. Be sure to garnish the plate with grapes, strawberries or orange slices to make it extra special.

If something like hash browns is being served, don’t forget the condiments.

A copy of the sports section of the newspaper or his favorite magazine would add a nice touch. A handwritten note, saying “Thank You,” “I Love You” or “I Appreciate You” will surely bring a smile to his face.

The athletic father and the father who loves lounging would enjoy the special treatment. The sentimental father would also like the special treatment …

No. 3: Do dinner for Dad

Throw a few steaks on the grill and fix dad dinner on his special day.

The dinner doesn’t have to be difficult either. Steak, baked potato and salad will likely put a big smile on his face. If dad is health-conscious, maybe swap some chicken for the steak and a sweet potato for the potato.

And if dad likes dessert, don’t forget a slice of cake or pie.

Be sure to have dad’s favorite drink — a few beers, ice tea, pop, lemonade — on hand.

Keep in mind that the time spent grilling the steaks or chicken can be perfect to talk and enjoy family time.

And then once the dinner is prepared, fix his plate to show him how special he is to the family. After he has cleaned his plate, continue the royal treatment by clearing the table and allowing him to relax.

But, what if you can’t cook? Try our next idea instead …

No. 2: Can’t cook? Give your time

Not everyone should prepare meals, so if you are challenged in the kitchen, give your dad the gift of your time instead.

Time is one of the most precious things that can be given, so clear your schedule for one of the most important men in your life.

If your father is a church-going man, go to church with him. Better yet, just show up and surprise him.

And if he is a man who enjoys do-it-yourself projects and fixing odds and ends around the house, let him know that you will be available to help with a project he has needed assistance completing.

For that father who doesn’t want to move a bone, perhaps watching a classic movie would be just the right thing to do. The library has a ton of movies that can be rented for free, so grab a classic and watch it with him. But if the thought of watching movies bore you, put your most heartfelt feeling on paper …

No. 1: Use pen to express feelings

Not many people actually sit down to write letters anymore, so do just that. Take a few minutes to think about what your father means to you and write him a letter.

He can keep the letter forever, particularly if he is the heartfelt, sentimental type. It is sure to be something he will treasure forever.

If writing a letter seems to be a difficult task, put together a short poem or card to express your personal feelings.

No matter if you serve dad breakfast in bed or dinner hot off the grill, pick something to do that will make him feel special. If cooking isn’t your forte, make him the king of the remote for a day or help your father with a do-it-yourself project. If relaxing is the better way to spend the day, watch a great movie or present dad with a thoughtful letter to express your feelings.

By Darlene Jeter, Contributing Writer