51st annual Kornfest in Holmen wraps up

Event features parades, music, corn, car show

Kornfest wrapped up its 51st year in the Holmen community on Sunday.

Over the weekend there were parades, live music, and of course corn.

All events were free of charge. Organizers said the event is not only good for community members, but for those visiting the area as well.

“The big thing – the response we get back from people out of town is that they can’t believe how friendly it is, how open it is.  That you could come up here and that there’s no cover charge to get in. That’s the big one. They can’t believe that we do this as a contribution back to the community,” said Holmen American Legion Commander Brian Taylor.

Cars were also on display Sunday at Kornfest. Owners said shows like this aren’t the only place they show off their cars.

“You look over to see who’s passing you and it’s a camera or an iPad or somebody’s catching a picture so it’s a ton of fun,” said Mark Miller, owner of a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria.

“You can’t drive down the street without everybody stopping to take a look and so you know there’s a lot of distractions there but if you’re careful and you’re thinking what you’re doing, it’s pretty good,” said Ken Ganz, 1909 Buick owner.

Kornfest finished up on Sunday night with the completion of their men’s and women’s softball tournaments as well as a pie and ice cream tent.