65 beagles rescued from Pennsylvania home

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (WFMZ) – It’s all hands on deck at the Lehigh County Humane Society as staff work around the clock to medically examine and treat the 65 beagles rescued Saturday night from a home in Upper Saucon Township.

“We are doing complete physical exams, we’re doing the vaccinations, de-worming the dogs, flea treating them, performing skin scrapes, checking them for ring worm, trimming nails because they were very, very long,” said shelter manager Teisha Jones.

Jones said the beagles were neglected and living in deplorable conditions. Some have no fur, are emaciated and suffering from diseases, which makes for a big job of cleaning and treating.

“We have quite a ways to go and we’ll probably be working well into the next two days to finish that,” said Jones.​

The beagles not only need a lot of medical attention, they require a lot of space inside the shelter.

“The addition of [these] beagles has really, really tipped the scales, but staff is tremendous and every nook and cranny that we have, you can now find a beagle,” said Jones.

As the humane society works to nurse the dogs, who range in age from two weeks to 9 years old, back to health, community members are coming out in droves to donate supplies and money for vet bills. So much so, a tent was set up outside to help the flow of traffic.

“I haven’t seen an outpour of this size in years so the community has really come together to help the humane society and these dogs,” said Jones.​

Jones said she’s hoping to begin the adoption and foster care process for some of the beagles in the next few days.

In the meantime, the humane society is asking for monetary donations as well as wet and dry dog food, towels, blankets and sheets.