CDC releases long-delayed graphics with advice on how to reopen businesses, schools, other enterprises

The White House had withheld the advisories and toned them down

ATLANTA, Ga. (WKBT) — The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  has issued long-delayed but detailed, illustrated graphics with recommendations on reopening schools, businesses and other ventures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC describes the graphics as “decision trees” that use traffic signs and other indicators to tell organizations what they should consider before reopening.

The “decision trees” are for schools, workplaces, camps, childcare centers, mass transit systems, and bars and restaurants, among others.

The CDC drafted the reopening guidelines more than a month ago, but they White House withheld them for revisions, The Associated Press reported last week. The changes offer more flexibility than the originals.

The agency also had prepared nearly 60 pages of more extensive guidance that it has not posted.

That longer document, which the AP obtained, would give different organizations specifics about to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus while reopening, including spacing workers or students 6 feet apart and closing break rooms and cafeterias to limit gatherings.

Many of the suggestions already appear on federal websites but they haven’t been presented as reopening advice.

Some health experts and politicians have been pushing for the CDC to release as much guidance as possible to help businesses and organizations decide how to proceed.

Categories included on the graphics include:

  • Workplaces.
  • Restaurants and bars.
  • Mass transit.
  • Youth programs and camps.
  • Child-care programs.
  • Faith communities.

The full graphic is available in PDF format at CDC-reopen-decision-trees pdf