95th Assembly District candidates trade jabs in virtual debate

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — The candidates for Wisconsin’s 95th Assembly District took to the virtual debate stage Thursday night.

Incumbent Democrat Jill Billings squared off with City Councilman and Republican challenger Chris Woodard.

Billings has served the district since 2011 and emphasized her bipartisan efforts in Madison toward battling the drug trade and homelessness.

Woodard branded himself as a Republican who can reach across the aisle. The candidates traded jabs near the end of the hour.

“I heard concerns from a couple constituents about Rep. Billings’ tax delinquency. I think that deserves more answers,” said Woodard.

“I have put out a statement that I’ve paid my taxes,” Billings responded. “They were paid late with penalties. If my opponent is so concerned with my issues, I’d also like to have answered why he had a four-year restraining order against him.”

“They were some circumstances that happened, to keep it private and protect the privacy of the other party,” Woodard said. “We came to an agreement. Things have been settled. There have been no incidents since then.”

News 8 Now has previously reported Rep. Billings did have a tax warrant filed against her this year. Her campaign provided proof she paid her outstanding taxes.

The La Crosse Tribune has confirmed Woodard did have a restraining order against him from 2014-18. He told the outlet it was something he regretted, though he never violated terms.

News 8 Now will broadcast the full debate on our 8.2 channel Friday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m.