A burst of color runs through La Crosse

The Color Run is part of a nationwide event

A burst of color ran through downtown La Crosse Saturday morning.

The city took part in the 2014 Color Run. 6,000 participants put on their most colorful outfits and were doused with colored powder before running or walking a 5K.

The Color Run is a national event taking place in six different cities in Wisconsin alone. The La Crosse event helped raise money for the Children’s Museum, which had 200 volunteers helping Saturday.

It’s called The Color Run, but it’s not just for racers. “We welcome traditional runners who want to go out there and actually run, we want non-traditional runners to come, folks who walk, run, who just want to do something for their own wellness but have a good time,” said Race Director Kari Dawson.

Dawson says she’s already talked to the Mayor and the Parks and Rec Department about setting a date for another Color Run next year.