A Message From Above


Don Weber is no stranger to media attention as the CEO of Logistics Health, one of La Crosse’s fastest growing
businesses. But never has he been involved in a story quite like this.

You see don and his wife Roxy live on this beautiful piece of land right outside of La Crescent and recently while
walking his dogs, Don stumbled on something a little out of place. “I saw this blue when I came around the

A closer look revealed it was a balloon that had found it’s way onto Webers land. “It apperently came through the
open area when the field is and floated down. I was just going over to pick up the trash and then I saw this shed
sticking up next to it.”
For the Webers, it’s not unusual to find shed antlers on their land, infact collecting them has become a fun
family tradition. But what is unusual, is what was hiding underneath. “I picked up the balloon and saw a note
attached to it. I thought this is really strange.”

“Dear whoever gets this,

Today is my friends almost birthday. My birthday was yesterday. Please write back to this address. Petal,
Mississippi. Eve and Marissa “

“Well the first thing we did, Roxy and I was get out an atlas and look where it came from and I couldn’t believe the

Infact the balloon floated nearly a thousand miles from southern Mississippi, past Tennessee and Kentucky, over
Illinois and Iowa, finally landing right near Don Weber’s doorstep. “So I thought, ‘Wow! This is a great omen.'”

And so Don recruited his daughter Libby to begin working on a little care package from the Coulee Region in the
hopes of delivering a special – belated birthday surprise!

“I’m sure they probably forgot all about it by now and are not even thinking or imagining that all of a sudden this
thing will come back to them.”

So just who is at the other end of this journey? And what will they think of the balloon’s return trip? You can
find out in next week’s in search of.