A new Riverfest tradition tries to top last year’s top-rope antics

River City Championship Wrestling held its second Riverfest show in two years Saturday on the Riverside Park fest ground’s North Stage lawn.

The event featured performers trying to attain The RCCW Heavyweight championship in the main event between Kyle Roberts and Chris Black, who remained the champion after the event’s end. There was also a match that was part of an ongoing tournament for tag-team performers. The City of La Crosse Champion also performed at the event.

RCCW owner Derek Martine said, “We’ve been running shows in the La Crosse are almost four years now, independent professional wrestling events — just like you see on WWE but much more personal, closer to the audience and a lot more interactive.”

AC Riley will be facing the former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Mr. Ken Anderson at a future show. To find more River City Championship Wrestling events you can visit www.RCCW.rocks.