A Speedy Delivery


Having twins is fairly unusual, but for Jason and Sue Crouch’s twins, the way they came ‘into’ this world is

But we’re gonna start this story…a little further back. Because earlier this year…these Spring Grove residents
with two boys, 5-year-old Reese and 5-month-old Ethan got a little surprise, when Sue discovered she was pregnant
again. “We found out in april…and there was no planning at all.”

So you can imagine how they felt when their little surprise…doubled. “Before she could even say there’s
twins…you could see it and that was…a shock.”

32 weeks into her pregnancy, Sue had had no significant problems and Friday, November 3rd looked to be like any
other day. “I saw the doctor in the morning, she said ‘see you in a week’.” But the babies had another plan.

“About midnight, I woke him up and had some minor cramping…nohing major. I called labor and delivery and they
said relax…hang out for awhile…call us in an hour. 12:30 hit…and my contractions were 3 minutes a part and very
hard….so they said…you need to get in.”

Now Spring Grove is about 40 minutes outside of La Crosse…so they new they’d need to hussle in…but 5 minutes out
of town and the pace of this pregnancy pickle…picks up. “We were on our way and she said her water broke…before we
even hit Caledonia.”

And to make matters even worse…they are driving through a pocket with no cell phone coverage. “I’m like…he’s
coming out! and he’s like…no…no he’s not!!!”

Now somewhere between Caledonia and Hokah, this already wild ride…shifts into an even crazier gear. Despite
Sue’s best efforts…baby number one arrives. “911 emergency. We are on our way between Hokah and La Crescent and my
wife is pregnant with twins. What road are you on sir? hwy 44. Hwy 44? yes and when’s having twins and the first
one is already out.”

“I had sweat pants on and I didn’t want to pull cause I didn’t know where the umbilical cord was. and we weren’t

Infact baby number two…is right behind. “I have to push…I have to push. Don’t push babe don’t push.”

In the meantime, emergency crews from La Cosse are scrambling to try and help Json and Sus, this is actual video
from one of the squad cars…but with the hospital now just minutes away…Jason becomes a dad on a mission! “There’s
a squad car behind me and I’m going very fast and I ain’t stoppin!”

And after what seems like the longest drive in history…the crouch’s finally arrive at Gundersen Lutheran. “We
arrive at the hospital…get shawn out, cut the umbilical cord right there and wisk him off. We weren’t in labor and
delivery 2 seconds and nate was out…the doctor caught him with one hand.”

And I’m happy to report that Shawn Clarence and Nathan Dennis are doing well, preemiesm but otherwise pretty

We went in search of a speedy delivery…we certainly found it.