About a thousand people visit 12th annual Storytelling Festival

La Crosse event is the only one like it in Wisconsin

Many gathered at Myrick Park Saturday for the 12th annual La Crosse Storytelling Festival.

Right now it is the only one in the whole state of Wisconsin, something organizers take a lot of pride in.

Every year, over the course of the two-day event, about a thousand people gather to enjoy a good story and live entertainment. It’s truly a family event that allows everyone to break away from the TV or video games and use their imagination.

“That’s what we love about storytelling, for children and for adults as well, there is a role for you, a role of creating the pictures, the movie, the video, and yours is different from the person sitting next to you and the person sitting next to him,” said La Crosse Storytelling Festival Chairperson Sara Slayton.

Some of the storytellers at the event are nationally known while others are known at the regional and local level.