Additional suspect arrested in meth investigation, 6 more still wanted

Another arrest has been made in the investigation since announcement Tuesday

Authorities are asking for the public’s help in locating the six remaining individuals on the run involved in the year-long drug investigation.

Adam P. Vang, Ia Vang, Jacob A. Porath, Jennifer Rondeau-Wilbur, Kojoua Vu and Sam J. Lestina are still wanted by police.

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Enforcement Group unit announced it has been involved in a multi-jurisdictional conspiracy investigation for the past year with 17 people charged with conspiring with others to deliver meth in the amount greater than 50 grams.

Since the announcement John P. Vang was located and put into custody.

Of the 17 people targeted in this investigation, 11 of them are now in custody.

According to MEG these are people who were running the enterprise and moving the most amount of product from cities to the area.

Authorities ask that if you have any information about where they might be, contact the Crime Stoppers in your community.