Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment ends in 10 days, find help in La Crosse

Open enrollment for the national health care market is closing in 10 days.

The deadline to sing up for the Affordable Care Act is December 15. The enrollment period for people to sign up for health insurance coverage through the ACA was cut from three months in the past to a month-and-a-half this year.

Only those who qualify for a special enrollment period will be able to sign up after the December 15 deadline.

“Getting married, getting divorced, having a baby, adopting a child, somebody passes, if you lose your health insurance through a job loss. So those are special enrollment period qualifications,” said Workforce Connections Health Care Navigator Wanda Palmer.

The individual mandate is still in place, meaning people who do not have health insurance and are not waived from the requirement will be fined during tax season.

You can find help navigating the health care exchange at the Workforce Connections website.