Alternate Side Parking begins next week in La Crosse

Make sure you know what side of the street to be on

We are one week away from alternate side parking season in La Crosse.

Starting next Tuesday, vehicles parked on La Crosse streets overnight will have to be on the even side of the street on even dates and the odd side of the street on odd dates. So, on November 1st, all vehicles will have to be on the odd side of the street from one to six in the morning.

Officers say students should even try to find a spot where their car can stay for the winter.

“If you don’t need your car here, you’re a student here, maybe it’s time to think about getting it back home. I understand certainly if you’re in need of having that car here, but a lot of these cars do sit for quite a bit of time and never get moved, and if that’s the case there’s no sense in taking the risk of getting the ticket. Try and get your car to someplace where it’s just not going to be on the street,” said La Crosse Police Department Sergeant Tom Walsh.

Parking tickets in La Crosse start at $12 if paid in the first 10 days, but increase if not paid on time.