Alvarez: Officials’ call ‘doesn’t sit well with me’

AD reacts to end of Wisconsin game v. Arizona State

University of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez says the end of Saturday night’s Wisconsin at Arizona State game doesn’t sit well with him.

Alvarez, in a taping of Sidelines, said he went down to the official’s locker room after the game was ended because he wanted to know why the officials ended the game without allowing Wisconsin another play.

“It doesn’t sit well with me. It never will sit well with me,” he said.

With 18 seconds remaining in the game, Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave ran the ball toward the center of the field, touched his knee to the ground and then placed the ball on the ground. There was initial uncertainty over whether the quarterback had taken a knee, given himself up or fumbled the ball.

Alvarez said the officials should have used instant replay to clear up the situation before the game ended.

Pac-12 Conference Commissioner Larry Scott has reprimanded and taken sanctions against the officials.

Alvarez said he doesn’t know if the reprimands were appropriate because he doesn’t know what they are.

Reacting to the Pac-12 statement, Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen said, “It doesn’t change the outcome, obviously. I guess I don’t expect that. But it’s accountability, which at the end of the day is what we asked for.”

Alvarez said Andersen’s composure and demeanor in reaction to the situation was exemplary.

Andersen said he’s been asked if they’d run that final play differently in the future. He said no, he wouldn’t change anything. He said that’s the way the team practiced it and that’s the way they run it in that situation.