An archery shoot traveling across the country finishes its stop in our area

The Rinehart R100 tournament was at Sparta Rod and Gun Sunday for the final day of a weekend all-ages archery event.

Bow and arrow enthusiasts could take aim at more than 100 unique, 3-D targets from Rinehart’s line of targets. Targets at the event included deer, turkey and bears; they also had custom targets like a zebra, a Sasquatch, and a new 7-foot-tall T-Rex.

“You have a little bit of that stuff you see every week if you’re a, you know, avid 3D shooter, plus stuff you only see at the R100. So, we get people from all over the country, even all over the world,” said R100 coordinator David Weaver.

Reinhart Targets is touring 19 cities in the U.S. this summer and says they’re proud to create a fun, family-friendly environment to introduce more people to archery.