An Update On Today’s Storm Chances – Isabella Hulsizer

Storm Chances Update: 

Storms are expected to develop later this afternoon, with a few being strong to severe in the level 2 (yellow) risk parts of the map. The main threats include strong winds, larger hail and localized heavy downpours. These storms could stick around overnight, but it looks like there could be a lull in between waves. It’s important to remain weather aware today due to the constant change of the forecast.

Spc Outlook Day 1 Bill

Periodic Thunderstorm Chances Over the Next Week: 

Over the next week, chances of scattered and isolated thunderstorms appear almost every day. Most of these days will be cloudy or partly cloudy with slimmer chances of those storms developing, but I can’t quite rule any of them out. All of these storms could very well also be conditional.

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