Animal Control cautions against leaving pets in cars

Fines can be as high as $263 per citation

With temperatures reaching the 80s, it’s starting to feel like summer, and that means you need to be more careful when heading out — especially if you bring your pets with you.

Monday, La Crosse Police and Animal Control responded to two dogs in a car at a parking lot near downtown. Temperatures were in the lower 80’s outside, but in the car it was closer to 90.

Animal control says this call is surprisingly common in the summer.

In this case, the driver did most things right. The car was parked in the shade away from other cars, but the dogs could have used some water.

Animal control recommends avoiding the situation if possible.

“Just think about ‘would you leave your kid in that car in that situation?’ If the answer is no, think about something else or somewhere else to take your dog other than to leave them in the car,” said Animal Control Officer Travis Wills.

Depending on the severity of the situation, an animal cruelty fine as high as $263 could be issued.