Annual DuRunRun races through Riverside Park

Kids ages 2-12 run and ride through the event

Some of the area’s youngest athletes raced through Riverside Park to benefit Special Olympics Sunday.

It was part of the 9th annual Chad Erickson memorial DuRunRun. The event features about 250 kids ages 2 to 12 taking part in a run, bike and then run again.

It’s a memorial event to remember a former member of the program, Chad Erickson. Chad’s father says it’s nice to see so many kids returning year after year. “They started out as two-year-olds, some of them, running down through the barricades down through the center with the mascots like they do, and now they’re up to doing, some of the kids have moved on into middle school and high school even,” said Dave Erickson, Chad’s father.

Organizers hope to raise between $5,000 and $7,000 for Special Olympics.