Annual Rail Fair brings train enthusiasts to La Crosse

Fair opened La Crosse Short Line Railroad Museum to public

A familiar train exhibit at Copeland Park in La Crosse opened its doors Saturday for the 25th annual Rail Fair.

Fans of trains and railways from all over the area, even as far away as Montana, got the chance to tour the La Crosse Short Line Railroad Museum Saturday afternoon.

Vendors set up shop as well, selling, buying, and trading trinkets and pieces of railroad history.

Organizers say the event is all about celebrating the heritage and history of La Crosse area rail lines.

“This is the real deal, what you’re looking at behind me here. It’s the real locomotive that operated through La Crosse and pulled high speed passenger trains at record speeds for it’s day, you know, over 100 miles per hour, and the caboose and the Grand Crossing Tower was a fixture here just a mile and a half from here,” said 4000 Foundation, Limited President Mark Hamre.

Proceeds from the event will go towards preserving the La Crosse Short Line Railroad Museum.