Another local school district reveals plans for the fall

GALESVILLE, Wis. (WKBT) — Schools are continuing to roll out their plans for the fall.  The Galesville, Ettrick, Trempealeau School District released plans for their elementary, middle and high schools.

Precautions like moving desks for social distancing, designating specific walking directions for hallways and extra cleaning are being put in place. According to school district officials, the first two days of school will consist of training students and teachers on the new safety procedures, and technology that will be used if going back to virtual school is necessary.

And under Governor Evers mask mandate, everyone in the schools will be required to wear masks, and the superintendent said, they’ll require it even when the mandate expires.

“That really won’t go away. And based on the input I got from parents, some of them really said they feel more comfortable sending their students to school knowing that would be in place,” said Michele Butler, superintendent of Galesville, Ettrick, Trempealeau School District.

For students who do attend in person, at their drive-thru registration day, they can expect to be handed a mask in exchange for all their back to school paperwork.
The superintendent said about 10-15% of students have decided to choose the online option, rather than physically going to school in the fall.