Another round of Coffee & Conversations to help parents during pandemic

The next conversation will take place next Saturday, Jan. 16
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LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) – Another round of Coffee and Conversations is set this time focusing on Positive Parenting. Coffee and Conversations is a series of public talks centered around community and parenting in La Crosse.

The upcoming talk aims to help keep parents positive throughout the Pandemic and beyond. A virtual session will be run by Dr. Joseph Poterucha, the Chair of Pediatrics with Mayo Clinic Health System. He said in order for parents to best help children, they must be able to help themselves and accept when they may need help.

“Don’t’ forget about you parents. We need to plan to lower our expectations during this pandemic. Things are not going to go perfectly. Parents are only human. We need to take time for ourselves and try to engage in some hobbies to stay sane,” said Dr. Poterucha.

Local sponsor and parent, Misty Lown, has been a large part in making these conversations happen. As a parent and a dance instructor, she too can appreciate the need and importance of having these talks. While the stressors of the pandemic may affect parents,  she said they should always try their best for those that depend on them.

“We’re not after perfect parenting, we’re after positive parenting. And there is no perfect parent, but a positive parent puts their best foot and their best efforts forward, with the health and well-being of the child in mind. And backs up to take care of themselves when they need to, and tries again. And I think that’s important to model to our kids,” said Misty, the owner of Misty’s Dance Unlimited. 

The next conversation will take place on Jan. 16. Advanced registration is required to watch on Zoom, but not on Facebook.