Aquinas Catholic Schools awarded 27 new vouchers

District more than doubling amount of voucher students

Aquinas Catholic Schools is more than doubling the number of voucher students it’s taking in this year.

The district was awarded 27 new vouchers as part of the statewide program. Students in the program have their education funded by the state as if they’re going to public schools.

Last year, Aquinas received 22 voucher students. All of those will also continue this year.

Aquinas Catholic Schools president Kurt Nelson says he’s already heard from several of the voucher families.

“One of them told me it was like winning the lottery, another one just said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m just stunned.’ And they’re so thankful and so appreciative of the opportunity to do this without having a deep financial impact on their family,” said Nelson.

About two-thirds of the voucher students were already attending an Aquinas school.