Arcadia Co-op to reach state for first time despite numbers

ARCADIA, Wis. (WKBT)–The co-op of Arcadia and Independence will be in Madison for the first time to compete for state.

Arcadia has qualified before as a team, but not with Independence.

The combination of the two schools was a necessity, as numbers for the golf team have been shrinking with only five girls on the team

But that makes the appearance all that more special, as the team has really learned to rely on themselves to perform at their best.

“When we have seven we could score four, because we’d have three extra players. But we only we can only have one person who can have a bad day. It does add pressure a lot, but we always try to help each other out,” said Senior Hallie Tulip.

It’ll be two consecutive trips for Tulip, who finished in the top 12 as an individual last season.