Area county launches new disaster preparedness initiative

Clark County has launched a new Disaster Preparedness Education Outreach Initiative.

The initiative, known as Clark County HELP (Helping Everyone Learn Preparedness), is funded by a federal grant and local in-kind matching contributions of participant’s time.

Clark County Emergency Management Director John Ross said its outreach campaign will be released in three phases and run through the fall of 2013.

As part of Phase 1, the county will develop a travelling display, which will have information on previous flooding and tornado events in Clark County. The display will be used in local libraries and county buildings at first. Pamphlets on disaster preparedness will also be available for community members and businesses.

As part of Phase 2, the county will buy and distribute 150 NOAA All-Hazard radios to elderly homebound individuals through a collaboration with the Clark County Aging Office and local amateur radio operators.

As part of Phase 3, county leaders will give presentations to local officials on natural hazard risks, floodplain and stormwater management, flood insurance, and hazard mitigation resources.

The following agencies are involved in the new intiative: The Clark County health and sheriff’s offices; Clark County Aging Office; Local Amateur Radio Operators (ARES/RACES); Clark County Board of Supervisors (Chairman); West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission; 1897 Clark County Jail Museum, Inc.; Memorial Medical Center-Neilsville; Clark County UW Extension Office; Central Wisconsin Broadcasting; Clark County Emergency Management.