Area education, community leaders attend annual Learning Barriers Summit

Education and community leaders came together to make sure area children have everything they need to be ready every day.

About 150 people showed up to the annual Summit On Learning Barriers. It was a chance for the organizations to discuss programs and services that are struggling and celebrating the successes.

One of those is the collaboration between the city, county, and La Crosse School District.

“There has to be that communication between the three organizations to effectively serve our clients,” said Karl Green, with La Crosse County’s Community Resource Development Department.

“We’ve got the city, the county, and the school district who are all on board and willing to play in the same sandbox,” said Troy Harcey, Associate Superintendent, La Crosse Schools. “When we truly have each other’s back because we know what’s good for the fabric of the La Crosse community, when we’ve got youth and families who are healthy and thriving and productive.”

People from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Department of Public Instruction joined the group Tuesday. This is the third year of the summit.