Area fans celebrate NFL championship

The big game may be in Houston but that isn’t stopping people in our area from celebrating.

Like every year, grocery stores throughout the area saw large crowds of people Sunday afternoon rushing to buy last minute snacks and treats.

Everything from chicken wings to dip was purchased in preparation for the big game.

Employees at Festival Foods say they enjoy Sunday more than the slower days of the year.

“Part of our culture is having fun with what we do. Days like this are often a lot easier to work than a slower day, a snow day, because we get to see so many people that come in. Like I said before, they’re in a great mood. They really like this plan of watching the super bowl a little later. Everyone comes in in a great mood so it allows us to play off of that,” said Bob Hayter, assistant store director at Festival Foods.

While some are staying at home to watch the big game, others are spending their night at parties hosted by area business and bars.

Class of 68 is hosting its first-ever party for the game and its owner says bars see more people when the Packers aren’t in it.

“I think more people go out when we aren’t in it because when the competition when we’re in it is fierce and you have to have the best party and people have house parties and family parts for the packers. So I think it’s a little more relaxed and people are more likely to look for something to go out and enjoy the game rather than hosting something themselves,” said Valerie Driscoll, manager at Class of 68.