Area residents take back the night with ‘National Night Out’

La Crosse and Onalaska residents take part in national block party

A night out for La Crosse and Onalaska residents is making their neighborhood safer.

It’s part of the annual National Night Out block party. There are parties throughout La Crosse and Onalaska neighborhoods. The purpose is to send a message to criminals that their behavior won’t be tolerated.

It’s also a chance to for the community to come together to support local ant-crime programs. Of course organizers say their ultimate goal is to make the neighborhood safer more than just once a year.

“We can show the community and the bad guys, hey we’re all banded together, we’re not afraid of you, we’re willing to come out at night. If we can take back one neighborhood at a time I think we’re moving in the right direction,” said Chief Ron Tischer of the La Crosse Police Department.

One La Crosse resident said she’s been living in the area for more than 20 years and while this may be her first time taking part in the event, she said the message they’re sending is clear.

“People know the presence of the crime fighter, and I just think people are more aware too, people keep their eyes out as well and let police know what’s going on,” said resident Dolly Sadenleback.

This is La Crosses 17th year taking part in National Night out. Onalaska joined the movement in 2009.