Art Fair on the Green draws artists from across the nation

People hoping to spice up their homes with some original artwork had plenty to choose from this weekend.   

Professional artists from across the country displayed their artwork at Art Fair on the Green at UW-La Crosse.

It included all sorts of different art like sculptures, photography, woodwork and paintings.

Artists said it’s a unique art fair because it draws in people who are serious about purchasing art.

One local artist, John Schneider, said the atmosphere in La Crosse is obviously different than other art fairs he goes to.

“I travel to a lot of places throughout the summer selling art and a lot of times it’s very business like, impersonal. I don’t know where my paintings are going but here there’s a real person and a real smile that goes along with it,” said Schneider.

It cost $4 to attend the fair.

All the proceeds will go toward scholarships for art students at local high schools and at UW-La Crosse.