Ashley Furniture sponsors FIRST robotics training day

Kids in our area will now get the chance to work with robotics thanks to a local business.

Ashley Furniture announced its $20,000 sponsorship with the 7 Rivers Coalition. That money will go to help local school districts pay for the costs of robotics competitions.

Saturday they had their FIRST robotics training day, where 10 teams met and learned about successfully building a robot and competing as a team.

Those at Ashley say the program is important for building a better future.

“You know if students don’t choose to go into robotics, they do come away from this program with a very in-depth skill set that can be definitely useful for them down the road,” said Kristopher Gengler, Ashley public relations.

As part of the program, students will design, build, program, and test their own robots, then go on to compete against other schools from the state and around the country.