Assignment: Education- Dress Expectations

Are legging-style pants appropriate for school?

“I wore tall boots that are brown. I wore Under Armour running tights, and a pink sweater,” said Anna Weber, Central High School senior.

Weber is dressed like a lot of students her age who enjoy wearing leggings.

“I like wearing them because they’re comfortable,” said Weber. “And they kind of just look like a black pant. So, they go with everything, but at the same time they’re comfortable.”

Her pink sweater hangs down over her leggings. But when the shirts get higher, so do concerns about proper school attire. But these hot pants haven’t been such a hot topic in the Coulee Region according to Central High School Associate Principal Troy McDonald.

“We’re seeing some of that trend,” said McDonald. “To be honest with you, my main concern is is it something that’s affecting learning. And at this point, that’s not something that I’ve seen that’s distracting learning.”

Administrators at Onalaska High School say the trend hasn’t been an issue at their school either.


“Students do wear the leggings and jeggings,” said Anna Curtis, Onalaska High School associate principal. “I don’t know if I notice it so often that they just wear a sweatshirt or a t-shirt. I’m sure they do. It just hasn’t been something that’s been brought to my attention on a regular basis. So, we don’t feel like it’s something that we need to address or impose something that’s going to be cyclical anyway.”

Both School districts have dress expectations for their students which allows them to wear what they would like as long as they use common sense.

“We try to educate students that a school environment is more like a work place environment than it is a social setting that they might encounter on a Friday or Saturday night,” said Curtis. “So, that’s what we try to instill in them that this is like work place or more like a business.”

And both districts say their students are very respectful of the dress expectations and usually want to look their best.

“Yoga pants and leggings are very comfortable and easy to just put on in the morning if you’re in a rush and still look cute and nice,” said Breanna Sanders, Central High School senior.

“Kids want to look nice,” said McDonald. “Generally, they try and put their best foot forward.”