Assignment: Education: Inventive Instruction

Special presentation focuses on new curriculum,...

WKBT News 8 airs a special presentation on some of the new curriculum, programs and schools in our community.

Anchor Lisa Klein hosts “Assignment: Education: Inventive Instruction.”

Here are the segments that are apart of the special presentation, which aired on Monday, September 8.

New charter high school in La Crosse focused on project-based learning

Updated social studies curriculum in the School District of La Crosse

New Global Education Achievement Certificate in La Crosse – giving credit to students for thinking globally

New STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) middle school in the School District of Sparta

Personalized learning in math and foreign language at Tomah Middle and High Schools – students can learn Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Arabic, as well as work at their own pace in math

Potential new Montessori elementary school in the School District of Tomah

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