Assignment: Education- Service Learning

Logan Middle School-Wide Project

Armed with rakes, students at Logan Middle crunched through the streets.

Their mission is to clean up the signs of Fall which are blanketing the neighborhood surrounding their school.

“We’re just trying to make the community look a little better for the global village,” said Conner Knerzer, Logan Middle School 7th grader. “That’s our new school theme.”

“At Logan Middle School, we are now the global village and part of our initiative is to help out and give back to the community,” said Jenna Fernholz, Logan Middle School 7th grade teacher. “So, that’s what our students are doing here.”

About 90 neighbors signed up to be on this list to have their yards raked by the students.

“Our students are very eager and very willing,” said Fernholz. “And actually pretty excited.”

They are so excited they started raking the yards of neighbors who had planned to tackle the brush piles themselves.


“I think it’s wonderful,” said Dawn Holweger, North side neighbor. “It was such a surprise to me to see all these happy faces out here working so hard.”

“I am enjoying it because I know I’m helping out others and helping out the community,” said Knerzer.

Which is exactly the type of learning the teachers are hoping this service project is accomplishing.

“At Logan Middle School, as part of the global village, we really feel that community and the world is very important,” said Fernholz, “and our kids need to understand that.”

“I think it brings everyone together,” said Holweger. “It kind of opens up the communication, and it lends a helping hand for those who maybe aren’t able to do this themselves.”