August Top Notch Teacher

For four years Ms. Molly Misany has taught a third and fourth grade multi-age class at Coulee Christian School.

“Our classroom is usually a structured place where we work hard but we play hard,” said Ms. Misany.

This teaching style of hers is definitely something her students have latched onto and keep coming back to. That’s because she knows what she’s up against.


“I’m competing with video games, I’m competing with the Wii. So, you have to see learning, you really do. There is a lot of persuasion going on under the surface. There’s a lot of drama and acting. But it’s worth it. And when the kids catch onto that and they get excited about it. That means everything,” said Misany.

Her favorite subject is reading, that’s because reading is in everything we do.

“It filters in through history, science, writing, language arts, everything. And empowering the students to feel and know they’re successful readers, regardless of any sort of ability level is extremely rewarding,” said Ms. Misany, “I feel like they’re independent enough to work on their own, yet they still have that zest for learning. They still want to know and to learn and to go after that.”

Ms. Misany says once you’re a teacher, you’re always a teacher, “I love to share information. Whether it’s in a small group or camping or in a church setting. It’s a very fulfilling opportunity.”

And that is especially important for her now, as she has taken her career somewhere other than school.

“I think a who can teach and has that capability will be a teacher for their entire life. It’s a lifestyle in a sense,” said Ms. Misany.

Ms. Misany is taking a break from teaching right now and exploring other career opportunities.

She is now working for an investment firm, but plans to return to the classroom within the next few years.