Autumn safety tips for your pets

Keep your pets safe this fall by following these tips from the ASPCA.

— Beware of pesticides, especially for rodents. As the temperatures drop, more unwanted pests might be trying to enter your home. This can cause a lot of households to use rodenticides. Make sure these are kept in a place where there’s no chance your pet could eat them. Rodenticides can be dangerous for pets, even having fatal results.

— Stay away from wild mushrooms. Fall is mushroom season, and while most types of mushrooms don’t present a danger to pets, a very small percentage are very toxic. To be safe, make sure to keep your pets away from all wild mushrooms.

— As the temperatures drop, your pets will be looking to add on more weight to stay warm during the cold months. Especially for pets that live outdoors, make sure they have access to plenty of food and clean water.

— Watch out for snakes. Snakes are out this time of year, so when going for walks or letting your pets play outside make sure they are staying clear of all snakes.