Avoid frostbite in the Wisconsin winter weather

Health experts: Stay out of extreme cold

Temperatures may have risen this weekend, but there’s a lot of winter ahead of us, and frostbite can be a serious concern.

In sub- zero temperatures with wind chills, frostbite can happen in a matter of minutes.

The cold causes your skin and the body tissue beneath it to freeze. Symptoms of frostbite include pale skin, redness, numbness, blisters, and even increased pain in the affected area.

Local health care providers say the best way to prevent frostbite is to simply avoid staying out in the cold.

“We see it a lot in the urgent care and the emergency department. Generally people do okay, but every winter there’s at least one or two that have long-term damage because of it, so don’t be one of those,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Robert Luchsinger.

Health experts say if you think you have frostbite you should get into a warm place immediately and expose the affected area to warm air and room- temperature water.