Avoiding Lyme disease while spending time outdoors

Wearing long sleeve clothing and using repellent can help you avoid ticks, which spread the disease

UNDATED (WKBT) – Scientists are studying why tick-borne infections, including Lyme disease, are on the rise and why ticks are expanding into new geographic areas.

Wisconsin and Minnesota are some of the hotspots for the disease.

It’s important to know what to look for and what to do if you are exposed to Lyme disease.

You spend a lot of time outdoors, remove an engorged deer tick from your skin and a few days later notice a rash.

“Patients may present with a rash at the site of the tick bite, and it’s classically a bull’s-eye rash,” said Mayo Clinic parasitology laboratory director.

Prevention is the best medicine, including wearing long sleeve clothing and using repellent.

And if you tuck your pants into your socks, you’re taking away an avenue for ticks to get to your legs to bite you.