Baad boys: Police recapture goat stolen from Minnesota park

It was a four-legged kidnapping under the cover of darkness at a Minnesota park.

Police say two St. Paul officers were patrolling Indian Mounds Park about 1 a.m. Friday when their squad car was nearly struck by a speeding SUV. The officers gave chase and when they stopped the vehicle after 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) they were surprised to find a frightened goat in the cargo area behind the backseat.

Police spokesman Steve Linders says the stolen goat, Gordy, was one of 30 that had been situated in the park earlier in the week to eat invasive weeds.

Two of four people in the SUV are in custody. The other two fled.

As for the goat? Linders says Gordy is back on the job, munching away to control the weeds.