Baby rescued from volcano rubble reunited with family

The video spread across the internet, offering a glimmer of hope amid scenes of devastation from the eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano.

A police officer carries a baby out of a house buried in volcanic ash and passes her off to another who delivers her to safety.

Swaddled in a pink Disney princess blanket, she stands out from the gray landscape.

The Guatemalan National Civil Police released the video on Monday and said that ten other people were rescued from the same structure.

But on Wednesday, a National Civil Police spokesman delivered bad news: The baby’s mother had died in the hospital.

By Thursday, however, CNN had reached the baby’s family and learned that the mother was alive. And she had been reunited with the rescued infant and her three other children.

Aroldo Lopez, the baby’s father, told CNN that his wife and their four kids are doing well.

A police spokesman said the error was based on preliminary information that police had at the time.