Bacterial levels still high near Moosehorn River

STURGEON LAKE, Minn. (AP) — Bacterial levels remain high in waterways near Sturgeon Lake, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is warning residents to be careful about coming into contact with contaminated water.

The MPCA collected water samples Thursday from the river access on the Moosehorn River near the city of Sturgeon Lake. The agency found elevated bacterial levels.

The contamination happened when Moose Lake’s wastewater-treatment system was damaged by flood waters, causing the release of untreated wastewater.

The wastewater contains E. coli and fecal bacteria that can affect human health and cause stomach illness.

The agency recommends that residents stay out of the river and Moosehead Lake until bacterial levels recede to safe concentrations.

MPCA plans to continue testing the water for the foreseeable future. It will post updates at .