Badger-Coulee Transmission line appeal denied

The Badger-Coulee Transmission Line in western Wisconsin can now move forward after a recent courtroom decision.

The town of Holland sued the public service commission in 2015, arguing it didn’t follow state laws when evaluating the Badger-Coulee transmission line.

A circuit court ruled in favor of the commission last year.

An appellate judge Wednesday upheld that decision.

The Holland town board will meet June 13th to consider an appeal.

“You know, we hear from town residents who are along the route that want us to protect them and so we’re going to do what we can. And we hear from other residents that say ‘ok, you’ve spent your money, maybe we should stop at this point’, so that’s that board decision,” said Marilyn Pedretti, town clerk for the town of Holland.

One of owners of transmission line, American Transmission Company, says they hope the line will be in service by the end of the year.