Ballroom dancer celebrates his 100th birthday at Concordia Ballroom

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Concordia Ballroom has their weekend dancing, but today’s weekend dancing was a little extra special.

Ballroom regular, Bob Everitt turns 100 years old on the 25th, his friends at the Concordia Ballroom threw him a special party.

He moved to La Crosse in 1947 and has been dancing at Concordia Ballroom for 15 years.

Everitt says that he’s been dancing since he was 10, and credits his mom for his love of dance.

“My folks had rolled the carpet out every Saturday and the neighbors all come and dance and I danced when I was 10 years old I guess,” said 100-year-old dancer, Bob Everitt.

Everitt says he still loves to dance to this day because it’s the best exercise he can get.