Bangor 5th graders learn disaster preparedness

Whether it’s a blizzard, tornado or other emergency, some area fifth graders are better prepared.

About 40 students from Bangor Elementary School heard from emergency management officials about creating a plan in these situations.

Presenters say 5th grade is the perfect time to have these conversations because the students are old enough to understand the concepts and bring the ideas home to their parents.

“You were learning about tornadoes, where you have to go, maybe like floods and what you have to do and blizzards and what you have to bring,” said Bangor 5th grader Megan Miedema.

“They should find a meeting place where they could have their family be to know that they’re safe and okay,” said 5th grader Laurel Erickson.

The students were also given the basics of an emergency kit with room to add more items like food and clothes.