Bangor boasts gaudy ground game

Meet Adam Meyers.

“You know, Adam’s a little bit bigger, at about 207,” said Bangor Head Coach Rick Mullenberg.

Alex Peters.

“Alex is a tough kid, a little bit shorter.”

And J.J. Hundt.

“He’s the only junior starting out of the guys back there.”

Together, they’ve combined for almost 2,000 rushing yards through six games!


“I knew we had three good running backs coming in,” Mullenberg said. “We’ve just never had all three that have had the capibility of these guys.”

“I didn’t expect it,” said senior running back Alex Peters. “But it is what it is. We’re all happy about it. I mean you can’t really complain about three 100 yard rushers each game.”

Each game? How about every twelve minutes?

By the time the dust settled against Wonewoc Center, the Cardinals had racked up 303 rushing yards in the first quarter.

“I mean we thought we’d put up big numbers, but 303 in the first qurter? That’s amazing,” Peters said.

Bangor is practicing the same way they play: with all three running backs in the backfield at once. That means the pressure is off quarterback Caleb Miller. He’s only thrown 11 times this year.

“Our offense, sometimes we don’t need it. Our running game is great,” Miller said.

“No, he doesn’t throw the ball a whole lot,” said junior running back J.J. Hundt.

But against Wonewoc Center, Miller actually threw the ball five times.

“Yeah, that was like five more than most games,” Miller said.

“We gave Caleb a hard time about having to ice his shoulder,” said Mullenberg. “But with the three backs back there, doing what they do, we would just get in a rhythm and it was tough for me to call a passing play, but I know I have to.”

“It’s just really fun and just the success we’re having to top it off,” said senior running back Adam Meyers. “Because we could be losing game and then it wouldn’t be fun. But since we’re winning games it makes it a lot better.”